The list of sports for Pasadena YES is not limited to the ones listed below. These tend to be the most common sports and the ones with which we have enough coaching staff to cover. However, if you would like to open a sport or if your child is interested in a sport we’re willing to add it to the list and make it available for people to join.


We offer an exciting indoor and outdoor basketball experience for all children ages 4 to 14. Kids will learn the essential rules of play including passing, shooting and dribbling. As they progress they will begin to learn team building skills and understanding plays.


Our outdoor soccer field is always green and sometimes so are our players. We take time to show the kids proper kicking skills, passing, and shooting. As we progress through the term we’ll add throw in skills and teach the kids how plays and assists can help win the game.


With professional staff and skilled coaches we can teach your kids the many techniques and skills required for volleyball. This fast paced sport is always enjoyable both from the sidelines and in the game.